Working and Travelling

So you want to travel the world but your bank account is saying otherwise? Hope is not lost, and there are many ways to work and travel at the same time. Any avid traveller knows that accommodation is often your biggest expense when travelling, and then depending on where you travel to, cheap accommodation can be hard to come by. Thankfully, due to modern technology, there are many platforms where you can safely meet other like-minded people online and find working opportunities abroad. Depending on your timeline, working abroad can be a great way to dig deeper into the culture, learn the local language and make friends with local people! Here are some favourite international websites for finding work while backpacking the world:

Woofing: World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a platform where travellers can meet farmers and permaculture gurus from all over the world and exchange their labour for room and board. This is a great way to learn about farming techniques in different countries as well as work in the garden and learn about where your food comes from. Often these exchanges will allow you to eat the crop harvested and is a great excuse to be outdoors instead of sitting at a desk all day.


Aupair: Most popular in Europe, an aupair is a live-in child minder. Every contract will be different, but depending on the age and needs of the children, au pairs will often have days off and be expected to work in the morning and evenings when parents are unable to care for their children and they are not at school. In exchange for a few hours a day in childcare and housework, you will be given room and board, and provided meals. This is a great way to explore a new city during the day and learn about a new culture by living with a family from that background!


Workaway: Workaway is a a platform that has a collection of opportunities ranging from farm work, carpentry, plumbing, hostel work and permaculture. This is the best website for the traveller who wishes to do a variety of work along with their travels. Workaway also has a great review system where travellers and hosts can rate each other and responses are posted publically. This way you know what to expect and makes choosing from the hundreds of opportunities much easier. You will have to pay a small membership fee, but twenty-five euros gets you access for a year and you can pair up with a friend or spouse if you want to apply and work as a couple. These opportunities all offer a room in a dorm or room, and some even include food and a small wage in exchange for a few housework a day.



Tefl: Teaching English is becoming more and more popular especially in East Asian countries. You will need to obtain a TEFL or TESOL certificate online, and almost all companies will require you to have a university degree. Many companies offer to get you an apartment and help set you up with a job, bank account and insurance in exchange for a one year contract in any given city. A great option for anyone looking to stay in another country for the long term!