Yellowstone National Park Travel Guide

Yellowstone National Park stretches across Wyoming northwest corner reaching into Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone was founded in 1872 and was the first national park in the world. It plays host to more than 4 million adventures every year. During their off-season, some acquaintances I know who run an Edmonton Mudjacking company decided to take a tour to Yellowstone and had some amazing things to share about it. From Seattle, it is a 12-hour drive and from Salt Lake City; it is a 5-hour drive. There is no doubt in the fact that this park is quite far but once you get there, you will discover it is worth every mile.

With abundant wildlife, spectacular mountain ranges, and endless green prairies, Yellowstone offers the very best of North American wilderness. Yellowstone’s highlights can be accessed easily from any of the five entrances of the park. This geothermal extravaganza sits atop a sleeping volcano which is believed to have erupted violently more than 60,000 years ago. The caldera’s origins are a source of debate for many geologists and there are many theories as to when the next big eruption will happen.

Don’t let this put you off as seismic activity is monitored closely to make sure the park visitors are safe. The Grand Prismatic Spring is a great place to witness this geothermal activity. It is about 25 miles from the west entrance of the park. Admire the pool from afar but don’t try plunging in as the temperatures of the steaming waters can reach near boiling.

The Old Faithful is to the south of the park and it is one of the world’s most visited geysers. Old Faithful regularly spews steam and boiling water into the sky every 60 – 90 minutes. Old Faithful was once used by early explorers as their laundry. As well as offering an impressive display of geothermal activity, it is also laced with lakes, rivers, and firsts.


Yellowstone Lake is at the heart of this park and outdoor enthusiasts come here for a wide range of recreational activities. This park is also teeming with wildlife and has for a long time been home to some of America’s native animals, one of which is the mighty bison. Yellowstone is today home to the remaining herd of the world. You are guaranteed a close encounter with this sturdy beast at the Hayden Valley.

The Yellowstone River is one of the park’s most dramatic sights. It is fed by the Yellowstone Lake and it winds north before plummeting off the Lower Falls into Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon. One of the best places to marvel at the beauty of this natural wonder is at the Artist Point. A short hike will get you there.

There are several places in Yellowstone you can sit back and just admire the immensity of this park. As the grandfather of national parks, Yellowstone has inspired the preservation of wildlife across the world.